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A Beginners Guide to Sidechaining

Master the art of sidechaining for punchier, more dynamic music mixes Level up your skills in live music production classes Explore Classes Sidechaining is a popular technique in music production that involves using a compressor to control the level of one sound based on the level of another sound. Sidechain...

TIL Team

How to Choose the Right Behringer Audio Interface

If you're a music producer or audio engineer looking to improve the sound quality of your recordings, a Behringer audio interface is a great option to consider. Behringer offers a wide range of audio interfaces to suit a variety of needs and budgets, from simple, budget-friendly models to more advanced...

TIL Team

Music Panning and How to Use It

Learn how to use panning to create a balanced and dynamic mix. Level up in live music production classes with expert producers on TIL Live Music Production Classes Panning is a fundamental aspect of music and audio production, and is used to control the placement of a sound in the...

TIL Team

Compression Settings for Vocals

Learn how to use a compressor to control the dynamic range of your vocals and improve the overall balance of your mix. Level up your production skills in live classes with experts Explore Live Music Production Classes As a music producer, you know how important it is to have a...

TIL Team

How to EQ Vocals

Learn how to use an equalizer to give vocals a professional sound in your music production. Jump to section * What does it mean to EQ vocals? * Do I need to EQ my vocals? * Vocal Frequency Range and EQing * Female Vocal EQ * Male Vocal EQ * Types of EQs and When to...

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