How to create a Challenge

Build a fun community that keep learners coming back.

Challenges on Til offer learners a chance to showcase their skills, connect with their favorite Coaches, and stay motivated to keep learning. It's like American Idol, except you're the judge. For Coaches, they're the best way to grow and earn on Til.

Start with a topic for your class

The overall theme for your class should be something your audience already knows you for and is interested in learning. Break down the theme into specific topics you'll cover in each live class.

Your Challenge should map directly to the main topic of the week. Colin, who teaches a fingerstyle guitar class, might cover a certain picking pattern one week and challenge learners to try it by playing Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine.

To make Challenges fun and increase the engagement when shared to other social platforms, we recommend tying it to a relevant song, artist, or cultural moment:

  • Songs: Stairway to Heaven, Everlong, Shape of You
  • Artists: Jimi Hendrix, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran
  • Cultural Moments: 4th of July, Olympics, Christmas

Post a challenge

You should post your Challenge at least 1 day before each live class so learners on Til know what to expect and feel excited to join live. There is no limit to how many Challenges you can post, we recommend starting with one per live class.

  1. Go to Classes and click the class you want to add a Challenge to
  2. In your class, click New Challenge on the top right
  1. Add a Name for this Challenge. The name will be shown on your post and all entries from learners in the Challenge. The name should be short and specific, like "Let it Be". Avoid extra words such as "Try playing Let It Be" or "Let It Be Challenge".
  2. Add a Caption for your post that tells learners how to complete the challenge or what you're looking to see.
  3. Select a Start Date, the date learners can start joining the challenge. By default this will be selected to the date of your next live class. You can also start a Challenge immediately by selecting Now. Learners will be prompted to join the active Challenge when they leave your live class. Anyone on Til can join your Challenge, even if they don't attend your live class.
  4. Upload a Video for your Challenge post that shows you doing the Challenge or explains what you want to see. Stand out by making it fun and entertaining.
  1. Tap Post Now. The Challenge will be posted to feed, where learners can tap to get reminded when you go live and the Challenge starts.

Promote your Challenge on social media

Til's most successful Coaches do an exceptional job promoting their Til class and Challenges on social media like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

  1. After posting your Challenge on Til, Share the video with a link to the post on other social media accounts. Share a few times before going live, since most people won't see everything you post.
  2. Encourage your audience to Save your room and Follow you so they get notified when you go live and the Challenge starts!

Teach people live in class

The fastest way to grow on Til is driving learners to participate in your Challenges, so encourage learners to share their skills by joining after class.

Your Challenge will automatically display as an overlay when you go live. Teach learners the skills needed to complete the Challenge, since they'll be prompted to join after class. If you have multiple Challenges active when you go live, the newest one will appear in class.

We'll remind people who follow you or save your class to join your Challenge each week before it ends.

Comment and pick a favorite

Give learners personalized feedback on their Challenge posts to keep them coming back and get them sharing your class with friends.

Pick a favorite 6 days after the Challenge begins, before you teach live again.

  1. Go to Classes and select the class where you previously created the Challenge
  2. By default all Posts shared to your class are shown, filter by selecting the Challenge you'd like to view
  3. Click a Post to watch the video and leave a Comment offering support or helpful tips.
  1. Once you view all Posts in the Challenge, Award a Favorite. This is a great way to encourage participation and recognize members of your community. This will show the badge on the favorited post and notify people who joined. You can only award one favorite badge per challenge. People can continue to join your Challenge after you award a favorite.

Ready to engage your audience in new ways? Tap the button below to post a Challenge to your existing class or setup a new one.

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