Introducing Replays

Go back and watch what you missed.

As a global community, the most common request we get from learners is for the ability to go back and watch a recording of class. Sometimes it's because they were still sleeping in France when a class took place in New Zealand, and other times they just wanted to go back and practice again.

With Replays, we'll automatically start recording every live class for learners to come back to after. Your Replay will be displayed as a post in feed and on your profile. It'll also appear at the top of the Challenge page from that week's class, so learners who can't attend live can still learn what they need to join the Challenge.

Grow your following with Replays

As a Coach, Replays will help you gain many followers looking to learn from you without the barrier of timezones, and with no time wasted editing videos or writing scripts. Once free learners are bought into your knowledge and value as a teacher, they'll pay to learn even more in a group with you.

Here are 4 tips to grow with Replays:

  1. Add a detailed caption to your Replay. Learners want to quickly understand what value they'll get by watching the entire video. Let them know with a clear summary of what you taught in the caption, which you can add right after your live ends.
  2. Share on social media after every live on Til. Give potential learners a taste of your content on the platforms where they are. Each Replay has a sharable link, and will be ready soon after your live ends. Include a teaser clip or a screenshot to get more people to click the link to watch your Replay and follow you on Til.
    1. On Instagram and TikTok, tell followers about what you taught in your latest class in the captions of posts and in Stories, including a link to your Replay. Post a video of the most valuable minute from class or share a behind the scenes picture of you teaching.
    2. On YouTube, share a longer 3 - 10 minute clip from your Replay with a title people will be searching for like "How to ____". Add a link at the top of your description or in a pinned comment with a clear call to action "Follow me on Til to keep watching: replay link".
    3. On Facebook, include an eye-catching screenshot from class with a written summary of what you covered. Add the Til link in the first comment rather than in the post, since Facebook's algorithm hurts posts with links in it.
  3. Ask viewers to follow you and share your class. At the start and end of every class remind learners to follow you to get notified when you teach, and to share your class with people who might like it. Yes, this actually works!
  4. Share in online groups. Find potential learners where they’re at. Think about where your target student hangs out online and in real life: events, Facebook groups, subreddits, and more. Start engaging in these spaces and share your Replays there–these people will be happy to learn from you.
Replay post in feed and on Challenge page

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