Create a video for your lessons

Adding a video to your lesson page helps you stand out and attract more students.

Creating an engaging video to promote your private lessons is a great way to connect with potential students and showcase your unique teaching style. This guide will help you put together a compelling video that highlights who you are and what you offer. We’ll also give you an example script you can use to get started.

Tips for creating a great video

Introduce Yourself

Start with a warm greeting and your name. Share a bit about your background – how long you’ve been playing guitar, your favorite styles or genres, and any cool experiences you’ve had as a guitarist. If you have any notable achievements or certifications, don't be afraid to brag! Mention performances, awards you received, or any teaching qualifications. It adds credibility and showcases your expertise.

Short and sweet

Your video should be less than 90 seconds. This is just enough time to introduce yourself and your teaching style without losing your viewer’s attention.

Share What You Teach

Briefly explain what students can expect from your lessons. Do you specialize in a specific genre? Do you use unique techniques? Are you great with beginners? Give them a sneak peek into your teaching approach.

Show Your Passion

Why do you love teaching guitar? Share your enthusiasm and what drives you. Passion is contagious, and students will be drawn to your energy and excitement. 

Make It Look Great

You don’t need fancy equipment – a smartphone will do just fine! Here are some tips to ensure your video looks great:

  • Set the scene: Make sure your space is in order! It also helps to either hold a guitar or have one in the background.
  • Daylight works best: Natural light is your friend. Open the blinds and turn on the lights to brighten your space. It helps to record in front of a window
  • Record high quality video: Film using a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android. Newer models have great video quality. Pro tip: try using the back camera on your phone instead for better camera quality.
  • Record vertical video: Film in portrait to make sure your video looks good on web and mobile.
  • Edit for engagement: You don’t need to be a pro editor, but a little trimming can go a long way. Cut out any long pauses or mistakes to keep the video smooth and engaging. There are plenty of free apps and tools that can help with basic editing – CapCut (iOS, Android) is our favorite. When exporting your video, make sure to maintain this high resolution for the best quality. Just make sure the file size is less than 1GB .

Show, Don’t Just Tell

Try playing a short piece or demonstrate a technique during your video. This gives students a taste of your playing style and what they can learn from you.

End with a Call to Action

Invite viewers to book a lesson with you. Let them know you’re excited to help them on their guitar journey and can’t wait to start making music together.

Example script

Hi everyone, my name is [your name]. I’m [tagline – don’t be afraid to brag! Say what you’re known for, what you do, and highlight any relevant accomplishments]. And I’m thrilled to be offering private guitar lessons to help you accomplish your goals!

[Cut to shot of you playing a short, engaging riff]

I've been playing guitar for [number] years and teaching for [number] years. I love playing [Favorite levels/styles/genres].

In my lessons, I focus on [your teaching approach: e.g., building strong basics, creativity, having fun].

We can cover a range of topics including [specific skills you teach: list major topics, e.g., caged systems, scales, chord voicings, improvisational techniques, etc.].

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a time, and join me on this exciting journey to becoming a better guitarist. I can't wait to see you soon!

Creating a great video is all about showcasing your unique style and what you offer in your lessons. Have fun with it, and we look forward to seeing your videos!

You can also share your video to social media. If you tag @learnontil, we'll repost!

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