Promoting on social media

Learn how to use your social media presence to get more students.

Our most successful Coaches do an incredible job promoting their Class and Challenges on social media.

For most Coaches it takes 3 months to hit their stride on Til, so don't worry if things start slow. Going live consistently, growing your following, and promoting on social media are the key ways to succeed on Til.

Social Media Best Practices

You should promote where your audience is. People who already pay you or subscribe to an email list are the highest converting fans, followed by YouTube subscribers, then Instagram followers, and finally TikTok followers.

Your fans scroll past hundreds of videos, posts, and emails every day–so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to discover your class by posting at least 3-5 times before your first live.

It helps to have a tight value proposition when promoting your class. Here are 3 you can use that resonate with learners:

  1. "Interact with me! In these guided lessons you can ask questions and get feedback from me"
  2. "Stay Motivated! Lessons meet every week so you'll keep practicing and get better, quick."
  3. "For a limited time, my lessons on the app are totally free."

Add your Til class link to all of your link-in-bios so fans can easily find your class.

Link-in-bio inspiration:
"Want to learn [Topic]? I'll teach you here: [Link]"
"Become a better guitarist in my live lessons
👉 [Link]".


Feed Posts

Our data shows that feed posts are the easiest way to stand out.

Assume that only 15% of your followers will see a post, so post multiple times in the weeks before and during your class. 95% of people view Instagram posts on feed vs profile, so you can always delete posts after a few days and post again without overwhelming your followers.

Your post should highlight:

  • The topics covered in the class and skill level required
  • Group lessons are live and interactive, so you get guided learning and ask questions. Every class is recorded when you can't join live
  • For a limited time, classes are FREE so sign up at the link in bio

If you tag @learnontil, we'll repost!

Need inspiration? View these posts from Molly, Jude, and Arianna

Story Posts

Start by creating a 3-4 part launch story alongside your feed post. We recommend an unedited video talking directly to the camera explaining why you're excited to teach on Til. Include a link to your class or profile, encouraging people to save your class and follow you on Til to get notified when you teach.

In the days leading up to your first live, post a story about a benefit of joining or include a sticker asking your followers what they want to learn.

Launch Story Inspiration: "A lot of you have been DM me asking for lessons or advice, and I can't answer everyone, so I'm excited to offer group guitar lessons and take your playing to the next level. It's impossible to become a great guitarist watching YouTube videos alone, so this is your chance to get all the benefits of a private teacher–from the comfort of your home, for Free!"

Every week a day before you go live, post a story with a link to your class. We recommend just reposting the Challenge you created on Til, with text mentioning the time and specific topic you're teaching that week.

Many Coaches will also take screenshots of previous classes and reshare so your audience can feel the FOMO and join next time.


Videos and Community Posts

YouTube subscribers are the most loyal of them all. In your next few videos, we recommend mentioning your Til class in the first 30 seconds.

Video Inspiration: "If you're a beginner guitarist and feel stuck then listen to this: I'm THRILLED to start teaching group lessons on Til. These lessons are live and interactive, so you can ask questions, get guided learning, and stay motivated to keep getting better. If you can't join live, that's fine too because everything is recorded and available to replay after. Best of all, for a limited time I'm teaching these totally for free. Download the Til app and save my class using the link in the description below!"

If you have videos that continue to get a lot of views, update the first line of the description or add a pinned comment with a link to your Til class.

Community posts are underutilized on YouTube and work incredibly well. Every week before you go live, remind subscribers about your upcoming class and the topic you'll be teaching. Don't forget to include a link!


The TikTok algorithm promotes people who post consistently and use trending sounds. Because most views on TikTok come from people who don't follow you, you'll need to post often with a mention of your "group guitar lessons" in the first line of the video description or as a text overlay to the video.

Email List

If you have an email list, we recommend adding to your signature and sending dedicated announcements in the lead up to your first class, and every week's live after that.

How to stand out on Til

Gain followers

Growing your following on Til is the easiest way to succeed because:

  1. Your followers receive a push notification when you go live.
  2. Your posts appear at the top of feed for people who follow you.

To grow your following, we recommend:

  1. Encouraging students to follow you during your live
  2. Be consistent by going live at the same time every week
  3. Promote your Til profile on other social media accounts

Host weekly Challenges

People love a competition. Make your class more fun and engaging by creating a Challenge before every live. Challenges significantly increase your following and live attendance on Til so you earn more.

Encourage followers on social media to join the Challenge for a chance to get recognized, get feedback, and possibly win a prize. Til occasionally sponsors prizes for Challenges–reach out if you'd like to discuss with us.

Til Brand Assets

If you'd like to use the Til brand in your posts, you can access brand assets here:

Til brand assets
Anyone using Til’s assets should use only the logos found on this page and follow our brand guidelines.