How to create a Class

Create an engaging class that helps learners achieve their goals.

Once you've been approved to Coach, follow these steps to create your first Class.

Find your niche

Start by figuring out what you'll coach by answering these three questions:

  1. Who exactly is your audience? Think of a specific follower–what would they find extremely interesting or useful? You should target one skill-level only.
  2. What is the specific information they're looking for? Think of the comments, DMs, and emails you get from people and the things they've found useful.
  3. What are you excited to teach? Focus on a subject that gives you energy.

Remember that learners invest their time and money in classes that help them achieve their goals and dreams. Here are common reasons they join:

  • Guidance (navigate the complexity of learning through an expert's eyes)
  • Motivation (stay accountable making progress towards your goal)
  • Skill development (learn or improve your guitar playing)
  • Community (share the journey with people who share your passion)
  • Fun (the world needs more of it!)

Pick a specific subject

Classes perform best when they're highly targeted to your following–if you're teaching everybody, you're teaching nobody.

Your class should have an overarching theme and break down into small topics you'll cover each week. You don't need to figure out each weekly topic at the start–students will help guide you where to go next.

Every week you'll post a Challenge tied to the specific topic you teach in class. Challenges are a great way to motivate learners to practice outside of lives and grow your following on Til.

The best classes are specific, relevant, and highly interactive:

Class Weekly Topic & Challenge
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Acoustic (Beginner) Week 1: Karma
Week 2: Anti-Hero
90s Rock Riffs (Intermediate) Week 1: Smells Like Teen Spirit riff
Week 2: Creep intro riff
CAGED Connections (Intermediate) Week 1: C Shape: "Wonderwall"
Week 2: A Shape: "Yellow"
Week 3: Blackbird solo
Get inspired: Download the Til app on iOS or Android to see how top guitarists structure their class.

Choose a time to go live

You should go live when followers want to learn, typically during their weekday evenings and weekends. Check your insights on Instagram or YouTube to see where your audience lives, so you can target the peak for that country. Peak times:

  • Monday - Thursday, 5 - 10pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays, 10am - 10pm

Post your class

  1. Go to Classes and click New free app room on the left. Later, once you've built a following on Til, we'll guide you through the steps to create a paid course and earn even more.
  1. Add a Title for this class. The name will be shown on the class, in search results, and on your profile. The name should be short, memorable, and specific to catch the attention of someone watching a YouTube video or scrolling through Instagram. Some popular titles are "Blues Guitar Improvisation", "Taylor Swift Eras Tour: Acoustic", and "Neo-Soul Riff of the Week". Avoid extra words such as your name or "class".
  2. Upload a Video for your class where you show what people will learn and preview some things you'll cover. Mention the skill level and how this class will change their lives. Stand out by making it fun and entertaining. Your video should be vertical and less than 1 minute.
Get inspired: Checkout some of our favorite videos on the app.
  1. Select the Date and Time for your class to meet each week.
  2. Press Submit. You'll receive an email with a link to share with followers once it's approved, typically within 24 hours.

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