Group scheduling on autopilot

Teach more students and earn more money by adding your availability.

Til is evolving. When we launched in 2022, we set off on a journey to help people's dreams take flight in personalized learning journeys with the world's best guitarists. For teachers, we've made it simple and free to create a class while we take care of logistics like bookings, payments, videos, and chat.

We've seen after publishing a class, teachers want to teach it often to many groups of students to get the most out of it. But the struggle of finding popular times for our global community and scheduling the groups gets in the way.

Today we're excited to launch new scheduling tools that make it easier for students to join a class and for Teachers to start teaching new groups without needing to manually schedule each one. This gives you convenience and control, more student interest, and can increase bookings.

A new way to schedule groups

This overhaul is a new way to think about Til. Previously you'd take a guess choosing a weekly meeting time for your class, add a start date, and schedule the group. With average earnings of $270 per hour lesson, most teachers want to teach more often–it's just been too difficult until now.

Starting today, Til lets students simply choose preferred class times, press request, and wait for their teacher to accept the new group. If there's already a group scheduled, students can join that too.

Students select preferred times

Teachers are always in control. Choose the price per lesson and the minimum student required to form a group, so you can reach your earnings goals.

Add your calendar availability so students only request classes at times you're typically available to teach. The more times you have available, the more options students have to choose from.

Add the times your typically available to teach

When a new group forms you'll see the weekly time students requested along with the amount you'll earn teaching each lesson. Review the request and accept or decline it within 1 week to keep your response rate up. When you accept a group, you'll set the start date too.

View and accept new group requests

After you accept a group, we'll schedule it and notify all students who selected that time. Send a chat and say hello to your new students!

What this means for you

Increased earnings

Students love the convenience of choosing times that work best for them, so teachers get more groups filled.

Search boost

Classes with available times to book appear higher in search results. Teachers who respond to group requests quickly appear even higher.

Maintain control

Add your availability and choose to accept or decline each request, so you only teach when you want. Set a student minimum to make it worth your while. Have to skip a lesson? No problem.

We're excited for this next chapter. Our powerful new tools streamline the booking process for students, eliminate scheduling pains, and help you earn much more. Now that scheduling is on autopilot, you can focus on sharing your passion with students from all over the world.

Ready to start teaching on Til? Let's talk.

Common questions about scheduling on Til

How often I can teach?

Teach as often as you'd like! We recommend creating multiple classes for different topics and skill levels. After going through the effort of setting up a class, most teachers like to teach many groups regularly to earn more.

What if I'm no longer able to teach at a requested time?

You can decline any group if you'd prefer not to teach at the requested time. Respond promptly after receiving the request to keep your response rate up. Update your availability to prevent students from choosing that time again.

If you've scheduled a group and need to cancel specific lessons because of a conflict, contact us and we'll help you reschedule. Because cancellations disrupt students' plans and impact confidence in the Til community, try to teach when lessons are scheduled.

Can new students join a group after I accept it?

Yes. New students can join an existing group any time before the last class. Follow these promotion tips to learn how to grow your scheduled groups.

How should I determine my minimum students and price?

When you add your minimum students and price in class setup, you'll see how much you can expect to earn per lesson.

Set a minimum students threshold that gives you the earnings you need to make the lesson worth your time. If you set your minimum too high your group is less likely to form, so you may earn nothing at all.

Most classes on Til are $20 - $40 per lesson. What you charge is up to you, but we recommend charging 50 - 70% less than you'd typically charge per private lesson, since this is a group class.

Can I still schedule a specific time slot?

No. We removed this feature because the rigidity of prescheduling groups put too much pressure on teachers to fill a single time slot by a set start date.

If you are only able to teach for a limited time each week, set your availability to those times. A group will form once the minimum student threshold is reached. After a group forms, you can schedule a start date for any of the next 4 weeks.

Why did a group request disappear?

If you no longer see a group request, it may be for a few reasons:

  1. The group expired. Group requests expire when too much time has passed since the students first shared their preferred times. We do this to guarantee students are available once you schedule the group.
  2. The group no longer reaches the minimum students threshold. This can happen when students change their preferred times, withdraw a request, or you fulfilled a student's request by accepting another group.

What if I need to pause requests?

If you are unable to teach for the next few months because of tour, school, or other conflicts, you can remove all of your availability. We're working on a feature that allows you to turn off requests on specific classes, contact us if you'd like to try it out.